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(Photo taken at Wye, Kent in 2006)

AB Bakpa is an Environmentalist and former corporate worker turned stay-at-home mum. Born and raised in Lagos, she was introduced to the art and the joy of creating a home by her late mother, Carolynn. She’s also the proud mother of two girls, Danielle and Carolyne, which is where the name ELLELYNE was derived from (last four alphabets of their names).

AB has been inspired by her stay in Wye, Kent and Tilford, Surrey at different times over the past decades. The historic buildings, intricate interior architecture, and use of natural earth-tone colours sparked her inner creativity and love for Country Home Living. She permanently relocated to the UK in 2020 and started building ELLELYNE during the COVID-19 lockdown, as the need to support local artisans during the pandemic became a major problem in developing countries like India and Nigeria.

In an attempt to combine traditional art and country living design, ELLELYNE features products that will have lasting impression on your home, turning it into a sanctuary treasure.

Please join us on this remarkable journey of Home Living.

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