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Hand Block Printing

Hand Block Printing involves carving a wood block into the desired pattern, covering that design in ink or dye, and stamping it onto the fabric. It is a beautiful and unique style of printing. It has been known to be one of the oldest and most artistic methods of printing textiles. It yields highly artistic results that are mostly unattainable from other styles of printing.

Hand block printing is one of the most admired arts in the region of Rajasthan and ELLELYNE HOME is happy to bring products made from this eco-friendly style of printing closer to you. Majority of our Collection were created around Hand Block print.

Hand Marbled Printing

Marble fabric design is the form of printing multi-coloured swirls on fabric. The patterns are created by floating the preferred colours on the surface of a liquid ink or dye and then placing the fabric over the solution to be absorbed and the pattern prints onto the surface.

Just like hand block print, no two finished pieces are the same, as discovered by the Turks centuries ago. This form of expressive art adds to its beauty, making it aesthetically pleasing and stylish. You can view our Udu Collection to shop for our hand marbled printed products.

Hand Quilting

Hand stitching has been traced back to ancient times to make covers for bedding. It simply involves the use of a needle and thread to stitch layers of fabric together to enhance the overall design of a fabric and create a beautiful image.

For the best outcome, a minimum of three layers is recommended and the stitches are passed through all layers of the fabric to create a padded surface. Our quilts include hand block and marbled print. You can shop our collection of Quilts under Bedroom Category.

Hand Painting

The modern Indian art is said to have begun in Calcutta in the late nineteenth century. Our local artisans in Jaipur have introduced the elements of canvas and oil painting after sketching. Our wall papers are first hand drawn then painted before being digitally set on the software to have a final look. View our Wallpaper Collection under Fabric Category.

Hand Dyeing

Hand dyeing itself is self-descriptive. It is the art of using hands to apply permanent dye to a fabric. The colouring of the fabric is manipulated slowly by skilled artisans to achieve the desired result.

The EKO Collection was created using the Tie Dye method, in which small portions of cotton fabric are tied tightly with a string and immersed in a dye bath to achieve a coloured pattern. Our artisans make use of natural dyes from nature-based materials to tie dye. This hand dye method is very popular in Africa and Asia.

Hand Weaving

This is the most ancient woven art. It is the process of spinning, warping and weaving fibre from grass or pure cotton thread by hand. A majority of our baskets and mats comes from local grass and palm trees. First, the grass is harvested and dried before being woven with cotton warp. Shop our collection of woven items under Living Category.

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